Dissertation Writing Tips: How to Start?

Starting a dissertation is as important as anything else you will do with the paper. It sets the pace for the reader and will determine the ultimate perception he has about your paper. It affects how deep into your paper a person reads.

There is no single formula on how to start dissertation. The start should be so unique and unpredictable that it immediately captures the attention of the reader. The idea is to make readers curious about the ideas you are about to discuss. It compels a reader to go beyond the introduction into the deeper chapters of your paper.

Pro guide on how to start a dissertation introduction

Review instructions provided

Examiners are interested in your ability to follow instructions. If you miss the basic guidelines provided in the prompt, the errors dilute even the most captivating arguments you make in the paper. Read the instructions several times until you understand their implications.

The instructions will guide you on how to start a dissertation by indicating the formatting style, topic to discuss, sections to expect in the paper, and overall structure. You might be given a quote or a topic to discuss. Such instructions must reflect in your introduction. If you make a poor start, it will be difficult to recover.

Read widely on the subject

The introduction must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject you are discussing. The best way for starting research paper or dissertation is by providing facts. These facts come from intensive research.

Look for high-quality books, academic articles, and journals. Other credible materials like research findings and speeches will also help you to craft a solid introduction. In the course of reading, you find fresh ideas to headline your writing.

Use samples

Samples have already drafted the introduction. Samples help you to implement the instructions used in writing. They are a source of confidence when writing your paper.

The samples should come from credible sources. Such sources include the library, online writing services, and your tutor. Discuss the sample with your tutor and ask for tips on how to begin a dissertation. However, do not copy the sample directly. Instead, imitate and create a unique style. It makes your work stand out.

Make the introduction unique

What will set your paper apart from the others? How do you make the introduction memorable? You need to craft the most unique introduction possible. Begin by understanding your subject of discussion. If you understand the subject, it will be easier to convince other people. Find a unique angle that makes readers curious about the subject you are discussing.

A unique introduction captures the attention of a reader immediately. It requires you to choose your words carefully. It must also be relevant to the title indicated in your paper. Endeavor to create a context so that the reader understands the subject you are discussing.

Use statistics

Statistics say more than an entire page of narration. The statistics paint a picture that would require a thousand words. They instantly capture the attention of a reader. You should only ensure that they come from credible sources.

Quote an authority

What are the authorities in the field saying? Their word is very important. For instance, the word of a Nobel Peace Prize recipient holds a lot of weight. A quote from a distinguished scholar also holds similar weight.

A good introduction will transform the fate of a dissertation. An anecdote, statistics, a quote, and facts, among other dissertation writing tips, will help you to craft the most compelling introduction. Use samples of the best-written introductions to make drafting this page easier.