Fine Art Thesis Ideas and Sample Topics

Fine Art Thesis Ideas and Sample Topics

The topic sits like a crown on your art thesis. It provides the first impression even before a reader has interacted with your ideas. Behind the scenes, it will determine whether the writing process will be easy or taxing.

There are so many art thesis ideas you can explore in your work. However, you do not pick any idea that comes to mind. These ideas must meet set academic qualities to be worth discussing in your paper.

How do you determine that an arts topic is fit for your thesis or research paper?

  • Relevance – academic writing is meant to solve existing social and industry problems. Students must, therefore, choose relevant topics in art for their academic papers. People reading your paper should find solutions to prevailing problems. A topic is also relevant if it is within the scope of your studies. For instance, a theatre student should choose a topic related to performance. If you are in music, the subject should be related to music. It is such dimensions of relevance that make your arguments valuable to the people reading. If they do not identify with the issues discussed, they have no reason to read your paper.
  • Strong and researchable – the best art research topics for a thesis must befit that level of study. You should be investigating a logical issue, especially one where you can find answers. A researchable topic has a scope and is within your capacity. Data to support your hypothesis should be easily available.
  • Fresh – academic writing seeks to provide new ideas and solutions. It is especially important in art where a lot of creativity is demanded. Choose fresh and captivating fine art dissertation ideas. Any person picking your paper will know that it has valuable information to add to what he already knows. The old and mundane ideas do not have a place in the scholarly world.
  • Specific – fine art topics act as beacons. They demarcate the scope to which you can discuss an idea. For instance, a topic discussing music will not provide any information on space science. If you are discussing the history of art, you set such boundaries as gender, geographical location, and era. Such boundaries guide a reader on what to expect from your paper.
  • Interesting – make your paper interesting to read by choosing the most intriguing topics. Identify a perspective that makes your paper interesting to read. Though you are dealing with academic work, the time spent reading the paper must be worthwhile. You only guarantee this by choosing an interesting research paper. Drafting makes a paper interesting. Look for art titles examples from the library to see how the choice of words and perspective can make a title interesting.

Excellent fine art thesis examples to consider for your paper

Art research topics

  1. The growth of art during the Covid-19 pandemic
  2. Integration of technology to enhance the value of art
  3. Is the use of lighting and software killing natural talent?
  4. Loyalty sharing between record labels and artists
  5. Mexican influence on the American art scene

Interesting art topics

  1. 15 minutes Super Bowl moment-the artistic value over the years
  2. When artists goof on social media
  3. Separating personal from celebrity life
  4. How political parties have supported artists over the years
  5. The cycle of a professional artist across generations

Controversial art topics

  1. Who owns the other? The artist or the crowd?
  2. Mummification as art in ancient Egypt
  3. The contribution of African Americans to Jazz music
  4. The church and growth of formal music learning
  5. Greek theater in the American society
  6. Early paintings and commissioning theories
  7. The value of early paintings and money laundering

Art topics to write about

  1. The art of architecture
  2. Influential artists in American history
  3. European influence on the American art scene
  4. Technology and drawing
  5. Computer usage in art promotion
  6. Social media and its effect on art distribution
  7. Women in art
  8. Theater traditions that have promoted art in America
  9. The art of interior design
  10. The beauty of art- the creator or consumer

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