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22 Interesting Art History Thesis Topics

Writing an art history thesis begins and ends with the title. The title sets the boundaries on the issues you can discuss. It will determine the structure of your paper and the reference materials to use in research. The title will also affect your overall writing experience. Your tutor will not issue a title in some instances. You are required to generate a captivating title to headline your paper. Unfortunately, choosing one among the many art history dissertation titles is a daunting task for students. You are not sure whether it will please your tutor. But how can you spice…

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Proper Structure: Dissertation Sections Explained

A basic dissertation structure leaves your paper with several sections. Each section requires you to include specific information. In the absence of such information, the reader will be confused and especially fail to follow your argument. Several factors define the dissertation sections you will capture in your paper: Area of study – each area of study has specific requirements for their academic papers. For instance, science subjects demand data collection and presentation. You might not find such a chapter in some of the theoretical areas. Consult your tutor to ensure that you understand the requirements. Instructions from your department –…

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